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Soil and Spruce

Combi Flex Tile Adhesive

Combi Flex Tile Adhesive

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Click’n Tile adhesive is a resilient and fast-setting adhesive that is free from any solvents and phthalates. The adhesive is used for mounting the Click’n Tiles mounting plate and is adhered to substrates such as wood, concrete, steel, tiles, glass, and aluminum.

Montage Extra applies to most materials and can be used in eco-friendly construction.

NOTE: Humidity: The moisture in the substrate should normally * max. be 85% RF. The moisture content must be measured at an air temperature of 62° F to 77° F. Bonding can be done on substrates such as concrete, wood fiberboard, cement pulp, steel, and aluminum. It is always recommended that a test paste is performed. The mounting plate is acclimatized in the space to be mounted. The room must be closed, heated to +62° F and have a humidity of 35 – 65%. However, the room’s future equilibrium humidity and temperature must be obtained. Do not work in the room with water-based products (e.g. paints, wallpapering, etc.). For best results, ensure that the mounting plate and the wall are clean and dry, and lightly sanded usifn 160-200 grit sandpaper.

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