Our Story


Hey there, I'm Kylie – an educator, devoted dog mom, and loyal environmental advocate. This summer, my partner Josh and I embarked on the thrilling journey of homeownership. Let's just say, our new abode is more of a "fixer upper" than we initially bargained for. With a shoestring budget as an educator, we've been tackling every home improvement project ourselves. Occasionally, we rope in our parents for some much-needed guidance (truth be told, it happens more often than we'd like to admit).

But beyond the budget constraints and the endless learning curves, what's been non-negotiable for me is the pursuit of eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in every facet of our remodel. Whether it's hunting for second-hand treasures, repurposing materials, or making conscious choices when purchasing new items, sustainability has remained our guiding principle.

While remodeling our new kitchen we became frustrated, struggling to find eco friendly options. Just when I thought we'd explored all possible avenues, a solution appeared on the horizon – Click'n Tile. This ingenious product from Denmark not only resonates perfectly with my eco-conscious values, but also boasts an incredible ease of use and durability that's simply unbeatable. What truly captivated me was the sheer simplicity of installing and swapping out colors and styles with Click'n Tile. It's like a dream come true for a DIY enthusiast like me, seeking to infuse freshness into our living space without the hassle of a full-scale renovation. At that moment, Josh and I knew we weren't just looking to bring the product into our home design; we were determined to share it with countless others across the United States.

Josh, my partner, boasts nearly a decade of e-commerce experience, specializing in nurturing brands in emerging markets. My background in education and environmental sciences, coupled with his prowess in brand growth, introducing the Click'n Tile brand to the North American market felt like destiny. Our strong rapport with the founder, Lars Thomsen, resonates deeply with our belief in the product, the business, and our shared passion for sustainability.

Today, as a united front, Josh and I own and operate Soil and Spruce – a company with the sole dedication of bringing Click’n Tile to the United States. As I continue to transform our "fixer upper" into a cozy haven, Click'n Tile stands as a testament to the power of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. With Click'n Tile and Soil and Spruce leading the way, I'm thrilled to witness the dynamic shift in how we approach interior design and sustainable living. Here's to easy installation, eco-friendly choices, and the promise of a beautifully customized home – all achievable with just a few clicks.